What You Need to Know About Mack Stylist

1. Do you travel on-location?

Yes, we love to travel whether it is Philly or Hawaii. Please inquire for a custom price.

2. Do you have a minimum?

Yes, we have a minimum of $950.

3. Do you offer airbrush?

Yes, of course.

4. Is airbrush make-up and lashes an additional cost?

Airbrush and lashes are included in the bridal package, however, it is an additional cost for the bridal party

5. What kind of make-up do your artist use? .

Each make-up artist favors their own products. We are all professional make-up artists that use high-quality products to ensure their longevity, however, the brands will differ depending on the artist.

6. How many artist do you have for wedding parties.

We can have 1-4 artists scheduled for your wedding depending on the number of services required and the time allotted.

7. If my bridesmaid wants a blowout is it the same price as the brides?

Yep. Same work, same price.

8. How do I reserve my wedding date?

There are 3 ways to do this, you can either,

  1. Come in and meet with the artist to discuss your ideas and concepts
  2. Come in for a cut and color to test the artist
  3. Send in a signed contract along with your deposit

9. When should I book my trial?

We recommend booking your trial 3 months prior to your wedding


We're here to answer any questions you may have.